Salesperson of the Year!

“Congratulations on winning Salesperson of the Year again. What’s your secret?”

“I use Alert’s specialist research to find new niche markets. Then I follow the clients on our bespoke Hot List Tracker so I know as soon as there are any signs of change – good and bad.”

Struggling to get orders!

“We’re really struggling to get enough orders to cover our overheads. Any ideas?”

“Sign up to Alert’s full range of services – they have everything you need to find the right connections in the right regions, across 21 business sectors -FAST!”

Too much data

“I don’t need more information – I’ve got too much already! I want a small but tightly focused number of hot leads that I can work with before any more are delivered.”

With Alert’s stop-start subscription, John could get exactly the information he needs, then take a service holiday while he follows up his new leads. Or he could buy ready-to-go data sets one at a time by city, town or region.

No more excuses

“No more excuses.With Alert’s subscription service I can see 25 potential leads in the South East which you could have followed up and didn’t, plus information on the sectors that would have given you warm calls.”

“With Alert’s help, I have taken back control.”

It worked! They responded!

“Wow, we’ve had three responses from the JR Group who are notoriously difficult to infiltrate. How did you do it?”

“I used Alert’s Organisation Mapping and Departmental Drill-down Reports which showed us who to contact to raise our visibility in a multi-pronged approach across all their branches.


New International Markets

“We need to find new international markets for our engines post-Brexit or we’ll be struggling to compete with our European competitors.”

“Get on to Alert and ask about their specialist international research. It will find companies in the market for our products and give us all we need to open conversations with them.”

We need new clients

“Jane, I’ve just used Alert’s and found that half of our clients have been losing profits over the last fiv e years. We need to find prospects in new sectors fast!”

“I’ll sign up to Alert’s Hot List Tracker so I can keep tabs on the rest of our clients and I’ll ask Alert about their Client Cloning service to find me clones of our best client profiles. Don’t worry – their data really works!”

Life is so much better now

“Life is so much better now I don’t waste large parts of my day trawling through information to find new contacts.

“Instead, I combine the most relevant of Alert’s services for my business and get accurate information in seconds through a bespoke Customer Interface, enabling me to focus my time and energy where it matters.”

Marketing Campaign

“Right, we’re ready to start our next big marketing campaign using the most up-to-date, accurate and relevant mailing list ever – thanks to Alert’s Business Lists with Key Contacts, detailed Company Profiles and Departmental Drill-down reports.

“By reducing mailing costs, clever targeting and less wasted time, I expect our budget to stretch that much further.”

Client’s gone bust

“Our best client has just gone bust. Why didn’t you know it was coming?”

“We should be using Alert’’s specialist research to find new niche markets. Then follow our clients on their tracking service, so that we know as soon as there are any signs of change – good and bad.”

  • These scenarios are just a few examples of the many business opportunities and challenges that will benefit from using Alert’s B2B company data and business intelligence services.
  • You might be surprised how many could be applicable to your organisation, and what substantial competitive advantage could be achieved as a result.

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