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  • Competition is closing in on your key accounts and you need a new approach
  • Just lost a major client and want/need to do something proactive soon
  • Need to penetrate a large, complex organisation or their sister companies/subsidiaries
  • Want to pinpoint and approach clones of your best clients
  • Been burnt buying poor quality or incomplete data previously and are very cautious
  • Concerned about exposure to BREXIT and need to take action
  • Selling expensive products and need to find prospects where cost-cutting is not their top priority
  • Want specific information on the markets you need to break into
  • Looking for up-to-date sales leads and key contacts
  • Require comprehensive data, not just business lists
  • Need to find the fastest growing companies in your area to sell to
  • Got a project needing very specialised research
  • Sales commission is taking a nosedive and outlook is bleak
  • Suspect the sales team isn’t working efficiently and need some external data and insights to check
  • Looking for good quality, jargon-free, B2B data advice
  • Sales targets raised to seemingly impossible levels

Need a free quality check on your in-house data first?

Customer data generally decays at between 30 – 70% % per year, depending on the sector. If you are not sure of the state yours is in, it might be best to do a review before going any further. Our data cleanse and append service may fit the bill if there are issues.

Are you led by your budget?

You can test the water with an initial investment of a couple of hundred pounds, or commit a serious sum for our full range of constantly updated services which will power every area of your enterprise with market-changing data and insights. See our service overview.

Short of time to delve in deep?

Most of our services come clearly described, packaged and ready to use – and are quality assured. If what you’re after is more complicated, talk to us about what you need. The solution may be available quicker than you think.

Want hands-on help in applying business data in your company?

We’ll visit you and show you and your colleagues how to access and apply business intelligence, leaving you with all the B2B data and insights accessed during the day. Visit our data workshops page.

Need help in making sense of data-led insight?

See our Why use business insight? page.

Alternatively contact us.

Not sure where to start?

Know your challenges but not the services that could help? Have a look at our Case Histories and User Scenarios, and if you’re still unsure, contact us and let’s get talking. No obligation!

Need a reliable, quality-assured source of data intelligence? Read our clients’ testimonials, or visit About UsWhy choose business insight?, FAQs or our USPs pages.

Not sure which, if any, of our data solutions or subscription options would best suit your situation and needs, or just want to learn more and to discuss the possibilities?

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