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A career transition support service from:

Alert BUsiness

Alert Data is a live, online, easy-to-use search engine delivering fresh, verified, GDPR-compliant reports, data and insights about private and public-sector organisations.


It offers intuitive research and drill-down options that are fast, as simple to run as a Google search and available 24/7.

Alert Data is the most widely used business information service in career-transition. Our clients

in this sector include:

Receiving regular alerts about employers undergoing change


The service pinpoints which employers are planning and implementing the kinds of dynamic change – good and bad – that create new managerial, technical, professional and other openings. It also provides the contact information of the key decision makers, not just the HR department, including in most cases their email address. This enables fast communication directly with the key people in an organisation using the kind of approach shown below to create a good impression and a confident, informed introduction.


Dear Mr Webster

Congratulations on your company’s recent expansion into the West Midlands.  I see that your turnover has doubled in the last couple of years and that you have secured extra funding to power further expansion. I would love to talk to you about how my skills and experience could…….       


The fresh data and accurate insights makes it easy to project oneself as knowledgeable, interested and on-the-ball – and gives personal confidence an added boost.

Here’s more about the service:



Alert Data provides a flow of hot insights into changes, plans and developments taking place daily in hundreds of thousands of UK businesses and the public sector.


It pinpoints the organisations that are creating jobs, receiving funding, setting up offices, looking to grow and expand, building premises, winning contracts, relocating, involved in mergers and acquisitions, entering partnerships, making international moves and appointing new decision makers.


For each organisation there is detail about its activities, structure, key contacts, products, markets, the state of its finances, performance of  its competitors and what’s happening in its sector.

Exclusive to Alert Data, there are comprehensive profiles of the UK’s fastest-growing 10,000 companies, collectively expanding at an average rate of 48%, and creating 54% of all new UK jobs:  a rich and unique source of career opportunities.


Knowledge centres in the system cover 21 market sectors with statistics, overview, trends, SWOT, key players, analysis of current and future issues AND details of which fifty recruiters specialise for the sector.

The state-of-the-art search engine delivers detailed information across 21 industry sectors, 12 regions and a range of business-change topics.

Sectors Covered

  • Aerospace & Defence
  • Banks & Financial Service
  • Chemical Pharm & Med
  • Electronic & Electrical\
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Engineering & Materials
  • Food & Beverages
  • Household & Personal Care
  • Insurance & Assurance
  • IT Hardware
  • IT Software & Services
  • Leisure, Hotels, Sport
  • Media, Pub. & Entertain
  • Priv Health & Voluntary
  • Property, Land & Constr
  • Public Sector Suppliers
  • Retailing & Wholesaling
  • Speciality Finance
  • Support Services
  • Transport & Storage
  • Vehicles & Components

Everybody wins!

Speeding up the process and success in searching for and landing a new job or a consulting role brings benefits all-round. Happier, motivated clients who are back in employment and earning as fast as possible; an enhanced reputation for you and your organisation; and money saved when the time of the job search from start to finish is reduced.


How to get Alert Data

Alert Data can be used as a stand-alone service accessed via a log-in OR be installed behind the password-controlled area of your website OR it’s available on platforms such as Abintegro’s Career Centre.

We have a range of pricing and delivery options to match every situation. The service is highly affordable, there are no hidden costs and our terms are flexible.

Find out more – there’s no obligation and no pushy sales people

We can provide you with a service demonstration, a free taster or, you can subscribe on the website and get started immediately.


Or, If you are unsure which data solution would best address your particular situation, talk to one of our data consultants and get some impartial advice. It’s free and there’s no obligation.