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Hopefully you like the look of the great services we provide and you have picked out just the right data sets, reports or subscriptions to address the needs of your organisation.

But is the final decision yours? More often than not these days there are groups of people involved. Do you have to convince the boss, a group of colleagues, the senior management team or perhaps a buying committee set up for this particular project?

Whichever applies, we have tried to make it easy for you by addressing below some of the concerns they may raise. Good luck! We hope to hear from you very soon.

 A quick zip around the site will show you a range of USPs and products you won’t have seen elsewhere, as well as standard services that are far from standard in their detail and freshness.

The boss: Who is this company? I've never heard of them!

Answer: Alert Business Intelligence has been in operation since 2005 and has built up a reputation for innovative, accurate and trusted data intelligence. They have worked with some of the largest companies in the UK and across the globe, such as Google, the Bank of England, Barclays Bank, Toyota, Audi, HM Treasury, Man Power, and many more; plus thousands of smaller, yet equally demanding companies. Despite their diversity, they all recognise that reliable and trustworthy B2B data and intelligence gives them a substantial competitive advantage and productivity improvement tool.

The boss: We don't need external data - we have our own CRM system which is full of it.

Answer: Customer data typically decays at up to 70% a year and if we haven’t had ours cleansed in the last year, two thirds of it will probably be useless. Whether you buy Alert’s one-off up-to-date data sets, a freshly-researched report, or have access to their live, real-time subscription service, it will beat anything our CRM system holds.

They also offer a Client Cloning service which identifies companies which match the profiles of our best clients – substantially raising the opportunities available in our marketing or sales campaigns. And if that doesn’t convince you – they have a data cleansing and appending service which will clean up our CRM system and add new contacts.

The boss: I haven't got the budget for data intelligence, even though it's a good idea. We see it as a nice to have, not a must have.

Answer. That’s because the knock-on effects of toxic data may not be fully understood or appreciated. It could damage your reputation, profitability and even your business outcome. And that’s not even counting the waste of time, money and other resources of a poorly-targeted marketing or sales campaign. Sometimes you literally only get one chance to make a good impression!

Investment in reliable and trusted data should be at the heart of every business decision we make, and if it’s delivered on a subscription basis, we can pay by monthly direct debit, or receive a discount if paying up front for for a 12 month subscription. There are also 3-month and 6-month subscriptions available.

The boss: I don't trust the price quoted by data providers. They may give a basic price, but then add on extra costs for selection, delivery, and minimum orders.

Answer: Alert doesn’t do that. The price quoted is the price you pay.

The boss: I have a team of talented individuals who spend a large part of their time finding new leads, markets and business insight. We don't need an outside provider.

Answer: Why not get the data bought in, hot and ready to go, so your team can spend more time on using the data and getting the all important results, rather than spending valuable time trying to find the information first.

The boss: Business lists aren't reliable - they're usually out-of-date and the job roles covered are either directors or general titles and we need lists of people at operational levels.

Answer: All the contacts on Alert’s business lists have a date verifying when the data was last checked, so you can pinpoint what cut-off date you want to work with. Also, Alert’s data covers 10 major job areas, each with 10 or more specific sub-sets,with the whole system covering 30,000 job titles in total. You can drill down to very precise job roles – and if Alert haven’t by any chance got them, they will research them for you.

The boss: I don't want to be tied into a subscription and then find that the data doesn't work for us.

Answer: Alert can give you a free sample of the data for you to try out for suitability. If it isn’t what you’re looking for, you don’t need to take it any further. They also give a free online demonstration on how to use the data in the subscription service so you can get the very best out of it.

The boss: Our needs are very specific and I can't see any point in paying for business data and insights that have no relevance to my company.

Answer: Alert’s subscriptions can be supplied with a Data Dashboard that filters out everything you don’t need so you just have the sectors, job titles, regions, etc. that are relevant to you. They also have buy-now data sets which you can purchase by region, sector, job title and market. And if that still doesn’t fit the bill, they can provide bespoke data sets or conduct specialist business research – at a price agreed in advance.

The boss: The range of Alert's data sounds great - but the sales and marketing teams wouldn't know how to use the business intelligence effectively, even if we had it.

Answer: You can purchase a full-day, hands-on data training workshop on a variety of topics which go into great depth on how to use the data. Users will come away inspired and confident that Alert’s business data will transform the way they work and their outcomes. And they get to keep the data they’ve generated during the day.

The boss: The staff are all working at full capacity and adding a further burden interpreting a load of data isn't going to help.

Answer: The data is delivered in a range of drop-down options so that within seconds they can drill down to everything they need – whether it’s contacts, leads, company profiles, marketing intelligence and more. It takes less time than to drink a cup of coffee but will save them considerable time and effort and considerably improve their results, including ROIs.

The boss: We've bought business information before, including leads, but so much data was supplied that we couldn't use it quickly enough and it went out of date.

Answer: You can purchase one-off buy-now or bespoke data sets from Alert which just focus on a specific area of information – whether that’s by region, sector, job role or niche market. Or you can have a subscription on a stop-start basis so a 12-month subscription could be spread across 24 months.

The boss: Cheaper business lists and reports are available in their hundreds on the internet. Why should we use Alert's?

Answer: If you have spent a substantial amount of money on employing the right staff, invested in marketing or sales campaigns, and have a lot riding on the outcome, why wouldn’t you want to use data you can trust to be accurate, up-to-date and focused? Good data should be at the heart of any business decisions and campaigns, not an afterthought.

The boss: I'm still not convinced!

Answer: Then give Alert a ring. Ray Murphy, one of the business data experts, will be happy to discuss any queries or concerns with you. His email address is: [email protected] and direct phone is: 07814 770621.

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