Career transition / outplacement


Career transition / outplacement

Career transition / outplacement

Type of company:

Career transition / outplacement provider.

Size of company:

£1.5m, 25 staff


To speed up the process of helping clients find new careers or other opportunities after redundancy or other career disruption. The longer this process takes, the less profitable the service becomes for the company and the poorer the service feedback. The career transition sector has become increasingly competitive and the funds made available for each person’s support have declined over the past five years. It is vital therefore to be as efficient as possible.

Work involved:

The client provides career transition/outplacement services to organisations which are restructuring in response to market and other internal/external factors. One of the consequences of these changes can be the displacement of staff at all levels, from shop floor to senior management.

It’s important these employees are given (and seen to be receiving) support to assist them into the next phase of their careers.

Alert Business Intelligence delivers a range of information services to enable job seekers to quickly get up to speed on the activities of sectors and organisations which are in recruitment mode.

It also empowers individuals to give enhanced, informed authoritative performances at interviews.

The service helps when job adverts are being responded to and also, importantly, facilitates access to the hidden jobs markets arising from organisations experiencing dynamic change but not visibly recruiting.

Investment in Alert:

£12,000 per annum for a multi-user subscription providing access for up to 100 clients. The service provides concurrent direct internet access to a broad range of business insight services, including, Key Contacts compilation, Business Lists by region and sector, High Growth 10,000, Trigger Alerts, Market Focus Reports, Management Moves intelligence and much more.


Client reduced the average time to resettle job seekers, maintained and/or improved the credibility of its services and their profits are growing!

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