Alert BI USP’S

Alert Business Intelligence is the UK’s most innovative B2B and business intelligence provider

  Alert has developed a range of services and features that are unique.

Together, these supply options provide solutions to the many challenges faced by businesses today.

High Growth 10,000

The UK’s fastest growing companies which are, by definition, expanding and needing more products and services than anyone else. Most of these are not household names and probably would never come onto a company’s radar without this data set. Contact us now to subscribe.

Corporate Health Checks

Detailed health checks on clients, competitors, prospects and suppliers. Find out how they are really performing. Are they in rude health or about to keel over? Bespoke data sets.

Departmental Drill-down

A list of the decision-makers and influencers who make up the key team within a specific area of a company – not just the department head – for a multi-pronged approach. Specialist research.

Bespoke Data Dashboards

For our online subscription service – filter out the data and insights you don’t need and pull everything you do need together in one place across your choice of business sectors, regions, job titles and business change topics.

Client Cloning

A bespoke list of organisations that match the criteria of your best clients. Bespoke research.

Management Moves

Identify new appointees and leavers to or from the posts that matter, with quarterly updates and regional focus. Contact us now to discuss.

Organisation Mapping

See at a glance who you should be talking to in any department or regional area in a large organisation that employs more than 1,000 staff. Specialist research.

Business Leads and Insights

Find out who’s hiring, firing, moving premises, receiving investment, winning awards, expanding, merging, acquiring and restructuring, and more. Covers 21 business sectors and 6 business-change topics. Contact us now to subscribe or to purchase a one-off data set.

Business Trends data and Insights

Business trends across 21 sectors, 12 UK regions, a range of specialist business lists AND across your client, competitor and prospect groups

Hot List Tracker

Track the activities and health status of your current clients, prospects, competitors and suppliers. Available within a subscription.


Data, insights and unreported stories are part of an extensive range of specialist B2B data services provided by Alert BI across 12 business sectors. We interpret the figures, spotting trends as well as opportunities and threats, pinpointing upcoming new businesses and those that are struggling or static. We then deliver the information in a digestible and meaningful way so that it can be acted upon.

Not sure which, if any, of our data solutions or subscription options would best suit your situation and needs, or just want to learn more and to discuss the possibilities?

Contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation and get impartial advice from one of our data experts.

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