The Alert Jobs Barometer

The only up-to-date monitor of UK Job Market Activity

Updated daily

The Alert Jobs Barometer is updated daily with the job creation and job loss activity of hundreds of organisations experiencing dynamic change. It reflects today’s job market reality and is not based on sampling, speculative forecasts or subjective employer sentiment about the future. The Bank of England love its freshness! Having this business insight data at your finger tips allows the pinpointing of sectors and geographies where job gains and losses are occurring right now. The freshness of the information and trends also makes it a great source of topics for informed conversations with clients, colleagues, prospects and others.

200,000 data sources

The data is gathered from rigorous media monitoring across 200,000 sources, alongside data analysis of employment moves within organisations that are growing, downsizing or restructuring, plus other relevant research. Since Alert was founded in 2005, over six million job gains and losses have been detected and recorded.

Over six million job moves

If you are an Alert subscriber, you will have constant access to the detailed information about each organisation affected and its decision makers, along with a summary of what's happening. You can also purchase detailed Job Gain, Job Loss and other business lead reports from the online shop on this website.

Free trends updates

There are also FREE periodic updates about trends in the Jobs Barometer data, along with snapshots of the detailed information about specific organisations. If you would like to receive these, please subscribe below